Monday, October 18, 2010

Sunny Day

Monday morning and Bonnie never fails to get me up at 7.30. It's her body clock telling her that she needs breakfast.

Bonnie is my little plumpette Keeshond/Jack Russell. We named her Bonita when we first got her at 5 months old but she has never answered to that name.

Now that she has had her breakfast - the ungrateful wench just abandons me to go back to bed.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Hello Internet

Yay. I've got my blog. And this is my first post. How great is that.
While I 'm doing this I have my puppy under my desk. I know she is saying 'You are going to write about me, aren't you? Make sure you make it nice!'

Oh, yes my cutest little plumpette. She's half-Keeshond (Dutch Barge Dog) and half Jack Russell.

This picture is when she was 5 months old and had that pesky look already!