Friday, February 6, 2015

What did you say, Bilbo?

Bilbo is just a puppy really but this fact does not stop him from trying to size Bonnie up. Bonnie is very cool about this and doesn’t mind playing along. If he became too much of a nuisance, Bonnie would just sit down to halt the sniffing game.

For the next 3 weeks while I am travelling to the Land of Smiles, I might post sporadically depending on availibility of wi-fi. 

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Depot on Federal

This is a cool place to hang out for yummy food and drinks at reasonable price (considering the location). Depot is Al Brown’s Oyster Bar & Eatery in Sky City’s precinct. They don’t do booking so make sure that you come a bit early and remember it’s easier to get a table for 2 than a table for 6. 

It’s a slick operation – the staff was friendly and efficient when we were there last week. Bob and I came here Sunday night to celebrate his Birthday and parking was easy in paid parking facility on Hobson just opposite Sky City (you can even park on the street if you’re lucky enough). It’s much cheaper than parking at Sky City.

When we arrived about 7-ish – we waited only 5 minutes for our table – we were seated at the kitchen table. It’s very entertaining watching the kitchen staff work in that tight space.

As it’s an oyster bar, it seemed compulsory that we had to order their oyster shooters (with Bloody Mary) to start with followed by two small plates of Hapuka Sliders (mini fish burgers) and Brisket Tortillas. For main, we shared a bigger plate of Crispy Pork Hog. The amount of food was ample for us (we also had a doggy bag of pork hog to take home - it was still crispy the next day) but if you are a big eater an additional small plate to share between 2 should be enough and you will have room for puddings. All of these with two drinks (Bob had Vodka Orange Juice and I had Lemonade Orange Juice) and we walked away with under a hundred bucks.

Maybe we will have to bcome here again before the end of summer. This time we will order 2 shooters each and maybe another smaller share plate and pudding instead of a big share plate.