Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Hobie's Diary: 17-18 Weeks

The first week that Hobie has been with us, she still ate all her food in one sitting. But after awhile she seems to realise that there are no other cats to nick her food so she starts grazing and each meal extends to a couple of hours. We initially fed her in the shower compartment and left the gap between the door just big enough for her to get in and out (and that Bonnie would not take the advantage of the situation). She used to put one paw on her bowl as if to protect it but not any more.

I tried to change her food from Whiskas to Excellence and did it gradually but the regime did not seem to agree with her - she had upset tummy, she vomited and was off food for a couple of days. I almost cried and was much worried as having no experience in raising kitten - and she was only a tiny meow! And there is so much information on the Internet about food and kittens and sickness. Bob said moving house and changing food at the same time might be a bit too much for her and we should keep her on Whiskas (that she used to be fed at her foster home) until she's a bit older to give her some time to settle in.

We bought her a small cat tree to start with and kept her in the bathroom downstairs with the door closed for a couple of days. On the third day we left the door opened from time to time but keep it closed at night for her own safety. By the end of the first week, the door would be closed only at night while she slept. We gave her Pipi's old bed with sheepskin lining and hot water bottle to keep her warm and the heated towel rail switched on at all time.

By the end of the second week Hobie started roaming freely in our house. We also bought her a bigger and taller cat tree as she has shown many characteristics of a tree cat. We put this in the living room and she has never gone back to the bathroom to sleep or take a nap since. Instead, she just comes upstairs on her own accord to sleep with us and Bonnie. She dines and lounges on her new cat tree, She still goes into the bathroom for the litter tray (thanks to Franklin Cat Rescue for toilet training her well). At this time, her litter tray has been upgraded to the normal size not a kitty size any more - she is getting longer and heavier. She also gets on well with Bonnie and has developed some sisterly bonding. She's a smart cat she figures it should be safe to be wherever Bonnie is so she often sticks close to Bonnie apart from when it's her meal time.


  1. Isn't he sweet? Oh, most kitties do fine on Whiskas so no need to change it. After Moonya outgrew her kitty status, we slowly switched to Cosma, Shesir and Applaws. For dry food we always feed her Royal Canin. Hobie is a cutie!