Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Samoa - Part 3

Favourite Places
There are still many places that we have yet to visit in Samoa. We still want to see Savai'i and explore the south eastern coast of Upolu. But for what we have visited and seen, the following are our favourites.
Apia: Apia Harbour look amazing from Beach Road on the wharf side. There are many places worth looking around Apia, one of them is Robert Louis Stevenson Museum, a few kilometres up the hill on Cross Island Road. They charge entry fee - but it's worth every cent; the guide was marvelous and explained well. We learned a lot about the man and his tie to Samoa. Some of the artifacts are original.
Cross Island Road (from Apia Southbound): If you take the Cross Island Road from Apia to the south coast, there are Baha'i Temple and the Church of Three Hearts along the way. The ground of Baha'i is very nice and well kept. The place itself is welcoming - peaceful and clean. The ocean view from Church of Three Hearts is breathtaking. Papapapaitai Waterfalls situate along the route to the south. The sight of water falling into the gorge is so awesome.

West Coast: The best place to see sunset is on the West Coast especially at LeVasa Resort. The setting of this resort is wonderful and the views are stunning. We were there on the evening they were about to have photo shoot for their website and they placed loads of candles in the sand and the whole place was enchanting.
South/ South Western Coast: The road along the coast is a bit challenging at some places but this route is quite scenic. We love Return to Paradise Beach - the sea is quite wild and awesome. The best place to enjoy the view is from the Cabana at Return to Paradise Resort with a glass of cocktail or two.

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