Friday, January 18, 2013

Summer Fun Series Part 7 – Kids and the Paddling Pool

Barbara’s grand children came over one hot Sunday afternoon and took to the paddling pool. Bailey and Bonnie looked on with amusement – they tried to jump in and play with the kids but it was too crowded for four.

We could not understand at first why Poppy didn’t get into the pool straight away as she seemed very keen – she dipped her arms in the water a few times and squealed with delight. It took us oldies a wee while before we figured it out that the little Madame didn’t want her pretty dress to get wet. Vann did not care (they don't care about this sort of thing on Mars, you see) - he went straight in fully clothed and took his top and pants off later when they became too heavy and annoying.

Kids are growing so fast. They will not be the same everyday until they are fully grown so take lots of photographs of them while you can. And if you have time and energy you can create photo albums for each stage of their lives - just like Joy Cho  does.

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