Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Your Cat, My Cat & Our Dog: Your Cat

Just before Christmas, this cat followed Bob and Bonnie home from their evening walk. Bob always has a bit of cat treats in his pocket when he goes out walking and there are a few cats along the Way that will let him pat in exchange of food. This cat gobbled the treats. He was starving and thin but otherwise in pretty good condition – soft coat and no fleas. We have been feeding him every night since. He doesn't come inside the house but waits patiently for his food outside.

Of course, Pipi had her hissy fit the first few nights but now she is OK with us feeding Spikey (because he only comes at night so we name him after the vampire “Spike”  in Buffy, the Vampire Slayer) as long as he eats (&stays) outside.

Spike is a bit nervous and easily spooked but very, very affectionate towards Bob (and that’s why sometimes we call him BobCat). He never once puts his claws out so we think he must be trained and loved in the past. We do not know for sure what his situation has been. We put flea collar on him with our phone number but no one has ever called. He might be dumped – his humans might have moved and he was not there on the day – or his human might passed away and no one could take him in. It would be quite sad if he was dumped deliberately. Cats do not need microchip or be registered in this country so it’s a lot easier to dump them on the street (or worse, in the bush). Some people think cats can fend for themselves – it might be true but they might go feral and become a nuisance. 

At present, Spikey has his food regularly so he does not have to hunt or scavenge and he is not so scrawny any more. He will not be flea ridden either and we plan to de-worm him when he trusts us a little bit more. We are willing to have him as pet but it can happen only when he’s ready.

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