Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Yellow Cotton Flower (ดอกฝ้ายคำ หรือสุพรรณิการ์)

When I was Chiang Mai in February - I saw a lot of Yellow Cotton Trees with some flowers left on them and they were beautiful. I was told they are in their most glorious stage in January when in full bloom. You might have seen this tree in my post Nasi Jumpru a couple of weeks ago.  Yellow Cotton Tree is its common name and the botanical name is Cochlospermum regium. Its origin is in South America.

Along the route from Bangkok to Nakorn-nayok, North East of the Capital, there are miles and miles of Yellow Cotton Trees lining the road (closer to Nakorn-nayok than Bangkok) and in late January they say the road looks like it's paved with gold with the golden petals fallen from the trees. I will have to go to Thailand in January next year to witness the beauty of these flowers and walk on the path of gold.

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