Thursday, April 30, 2015

Cafe con leche Thai Style

When I was very young and spent most of my days with my aunties (on my father's side) - one was a house-wife and that's why she could look after me when my mother dropped me at her place in the morning before going to work. I was too young to remember many things but what I do vividly is the cafe scene in the narrow road where my aunt's marital home was on. Cafe might sound a bit too fancy - I don't know- but their main business was selling coffee. It was very old style coffee with big boiling kettle, coffee filter in a form of muslin bag that looked  like a wind sock with handle. Boiling water was pour into ground coffee in the filter - if you wanted strong coffee - your coffee would be pour back into this windsock  lookalike filter a couple times or more.

They sold all kinds of coffee (and tea), black, white, iced and so on. In the morning you could order Chinese style Beignets and very, very soft boiled eggs with your coffee for breakfast and in the afternoon you could have your coffee with caramel peanut and sesame crisps or even donuts. Coffee was served in thick glass (very chic!) If it was white coffee - they would pour a big amount of sweetened condense milk into the glass and it would sit at the bottom creating two contrasting layers.

Nowadays you can hardly find this sort of coffee in Thailand - maybe a few left mostly in the country where Cappuccino culture has not yet reached or become a norm. Never mind, I can do it myself at home - white coffee is quite delicious with the condense milk. Do try.

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