Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Kittens Galore

We have been catless for several months now and it's feeling a bit weird. They are parasites all right and I don't know why we fall for them - I was not even a cat person ten years ago. We are not going to have a new kitten right now and we have to make do with the cats in the park, like Stanley and his ilk in term of having a cat hit.
Bob went to our local pet shop the other day and they had these kittens in the window. They are all pedigree ones. I don't know much about cat breeds and am amazed that some of the breeds are soooo expensive. Some of them look like domestic kittens for me but the price tags say otherwise.
I'm not a fan of ginger cats but this one is cute. For me I could not imagine spending thousands of dollars for a kitten. SPCA and rescued cats are the way to go for us - or even free to good home types where the owners have too many domestic kittens. 

I hope this shop get their puppies and kittens from responsible or registered breeders. One thing that puts me off buying puppies or kittens is that they might be from breeders who do not care about the welfare of their pets and breed them to near death. I, for one, don't want to give business with these kind of people, honestly.

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