Friday, March 1, 2013

Cathedral Cove

When Bob went to Hahei a couple of weeks ago, he walked to this beautiful Cathedral Cove. It is a 2.5 K walk so will take around 40 minutes each way.  Take a big bottle of water with you if you plan to visit Cathedral Cove on a warm day. Bob said people could make money offering a boat trip back from Cathedral Cove to Hahei or even to Whitinaga.

Good idea but I doubt if it ever happens. There were a big outcry and protests by locals a few years ago when Department of Conversation granted a temporary permit to an ice cream stall owner. The business went well as it was an oasis to many of tired and overheated tourists but it did not live long because the locals were so against it for fear it would spoil the beauty of the place.

Bob said that there were a lot of empty cans and bottles littering the place anyway (as there are in many places in this country – sometime just a few metres away from the rubbish bin!) If they had allowed the ice-cream kiosk back then, the entrepreneur would make sure that the rubbish was collected at the end of the day as he had incentive to make it pristine – but that is just my humble opinion.

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