Friday, March 8, 2013

Super Dry Season

Since mid-January we hardly see any rain in Franklin. This year it is so dry that (almost) every lawn in our area is more brown than green and I can see cracks in the ground. We do not bother watering our lawn in this sort of weather  - it is such a waste in my opinion. I used to live in a 2.5 acre block in the country where we had to depend mainly on roof water so I cannot bring myself to water the lawn here although we are now on town water. I just water my pot plants and lime tree (actually, it’s Barbara who waters it whenever she waters her mandarin).

The same goes with the Rugby Club, I think. This is our local park with rugby fields - looking down from the hill. Everything else is parched apart from one rugby pitch for the local club. I reckon the pitch is just like a treasured pot plant or a fruit tree for them that they feel they have to save in this super dry season – they don’t even bother with the training field next door but when they have home games, the pitch has to be in condition that they can show off. Never mind that it will be trashed with boot studs during the games!

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