Monday, March 4, 2013

The Prodigal Son

Spikey came to dinner with a foul mood the other night. We suspected he had been in a fight as we could feel scabs on his head and back. He did not eat much and was more interested in walking the parameter of the house. He hissed and growled at the winds and noises.

He has been neutered and I have been told that neutered male cats are no different than the female ones but occasionally this guy seems to be pumped up with testosterone (if cats have any). It might be that he was abused or emotionally damaged.

However, when he came to our house the following night he was very hungry. He was all soft and affectionate just like a good old prodigal son.

We have also found out that he is carrying the fighting wounds that need to be tended to. Hopefully they will be cleared up in a few days.

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