Friday, March 22, 2013

After Dental Surgery

I need a new dental bridge as one of the pontic teeth was beyond repair so I had to have that tooth extracted last week and could not eat anything solid for the first few days. I have lived on soft or liquid food like soup, rice porridge, yogurt, dairy pudding, steamed eggs and etc. The above chocolate pudding and Petit Maim are delicious (I remember the pottle size in Europe is much smaller than here but that might have changed over the years).

I had to be careful with the socket and stitches to avoid dry socket and other complications. I saw Bob in agony because of dry socket last year and it made me quite scared. Although the after-care instructions were given both in verbal and written forms after the surgery, there are two other websites that I have also found very helpful here  and here.  For the foodies out there, you don't have to use mineral salt to rinse your mouth, the humble table salt will do!

I will talk about soup and steamed eggs later.

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