Monday, March 25, 2013

Creature Comforts

When we found out that Spike had an infected war wound 3 weeks ago, there was a small chance that we could take him to the vet, so Bob had to consult on-line sources. Bob is on prescribed anti-biotic and he had to switch to another kind recently so we have a bit of Amoxicillin left in the fridge so Bob administered that to Spike. Bob also cleaned the big wound and applied Hydrogen Peroxide cream from our first aid kit. If he did not get better we would have to find the way to get him to the clinic. However, after 10 days of anti-biotic Spike is now on the mend. His wound is clean and healed and hardly noticeable.

He likes to come in to the house after his dinner and lingers around for a while, either on Bob’s lap or mine. He is still tentative with Pipi and Bonnie, although the other two tend to avoid him and give him wide berth. If Bob gets up to do something, he will leave (now through the cat door that we have propped open for him to get used to it).

He will come back again later at night to spend ‘quality time’ with Bob when Pipi and Bonnie have gone to bed. He is unpredictable from time to time but not as much as he used to be but we are quite cool with it as when he paws (if he paws, that is) there are no claws involved. The facts that he is neutered and keeps his claws in add to our theory of him being owned once but then was treated badly later on either by humans or animals. We hope that he will be mellow and become fully domesticated again with our TLC (and food, of course).

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