Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Hello Cutie Kitty

This is Ginger – Kerryn’s kitten. Kerryn is my dear friend Barbara’s sister. She has a lovely big home newly built in the country and I visited her last month with Barbara.


When we were in the living room soaking in the warm sun came this little mewling. This gorgeous little kitten was curious who was speaking English with funny accent in her domain. Kerryn kept an eye on me when I scooped this cutie up in my arms since she still remembered that one of Babara’s cats decided to defect to our house which is next door to hers 4 years ago. Honestly, it could not be my fault - I was never a cat person until Pipi came into my life (at her own volition, of course:). It is just that I have a soft spot for dogs and cats and I could not help giving Pipi some cheese and cuddles when she meowed at me on the fence back then.

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