Monday, February 4, 2013

Your Cat, My Cat & Our Dog: Our Dog

We used to live in the country with a bit of land and a pack of 6 dogs that we moved from Thailand with us. They were basically street dogs. When the last of the pack died, Bob found this girl on Trade Me. This then 5 months old puppy became a bit too much for the owner who has kids and another big dog and hamsters so she decided to give up “Monster” (that is what she was called). She is half Jack Russell and half Keeshond and has beenmicro-chipped .

The first time we met was when we went to ‘inspect’ her. This girl climbed onto my lap as if to say ‘take me home with you please’. Bob and I discussed for a few hours that night as I would very much prefer a dog-free year after having lost several dogs one after another in 2 years. Bob talked me into it and we went back the next day to bring her home.

She has more Keeshond temperament so handling is less complicated than Jack Russell (phewww, what a relief!) We put her through puppy school at the local Vets mainly to socialise with other puppies and she was the first student to be able to roll-over on command. She’s clever, no doubt and she is also food driven which makes it easier to train her.

She still attends Agility Class at the Kennel Club regularly but we have no hope to enter her into any competition. Although she can complete the courses but she does not have consistency and dedication and is easily distracted. She is more of the entertainment side, I’d say.

She is very friendly and we can walk her without leash. This summer we take her to Kairiotahi Beach very often as when the tide is out we will have a vast black sandy beach to walk and play


Bonnie is definitely our dog – she has so much love and affection for both of us. In the morning, she attaches herself to me basically because I feed her a little dog snack for breakfast. In the evening she never stays far from Bob. He feeds her dinner (biscuits with varieties of toppings) and takes her out for a walk afterwards. You get the idea!

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