Friday, May 17, 2013

My First Neil Stephenson’s

I am just starting reading my third Neil Stephenson’s book at the moment and he’s my flavour of the season. He's very good with words whilst creative and imaginative at the same time. His first novel that I read was REAMDE– it’s a kind of thriller packed with actions. The story is based around multi-player on-line game with gold farming activities  and people being at the wrong place at the wrong time but you don’t have to be a game nerd to follow the story – it’s very well explained through the book. I have heard that it will be adapted and produced into TV mini-series for FOX. I could almost imagine Bruce Willis (Die Hard) and Lucy Lui (Charlie’s Angels) playing the roles of Richard Forthrast and Olivia Halifax-Lin respectively in the movie but I don’t think it will happen!

The book is humongous (1,000+ pages) so kindle version is strongly recommended so you will not hurt yourself if you happen to drop the book on any part of your body.

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