Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The Rotary Club 2014 Calendar

Our dentist belongs to the Rotary Club in our district and he knows that one of Bob’s hobbies is photography (a lot of his photos adorn the ceiling of our dentist’s practice). So when branch wanted to do 2014 calendars for fund raising, they asked if they could use some of Bob’s photos – of course, Bob said yes without hesitation.  He joked that the first time his photo was in the calendar he had to pay for it (SPCA’s 2012 calendar as part of their fund raising by way of entry fee for every photo submitted) and this second time round he did not have to pay and was even invited to the Club’s end of the year’s dinner so he’s quite pleased. And Bonnie also gets to be Miss January.

Out of 13 photos used in the calendar, 10 are his. These pictures are some of my favourites. From what I gather, the photograph of the lighthouse seems to be the most popular amongst the club members.

Thank you Rotary Club, for the opportunity to be part of this charity course.

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