Monday, February 3, 2014

Soy Sauce for Beginners

No, I ‘m not introducing any soy sauce into my recipe in this post. I am going to talk about the book “Soy Sauce for Beginners“ by Kirstin Chen – a piece of  life of a self-searching modern Singaporean girl and of course, artisan soy sauce that is her family business.

If you are growing up in south-east Asian countries or have intimate knowledge about the countries, from The Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia to Singapore or even Hong Kong, you will understand the protagonist’s situation in this book. I, for one, feel that I could connect with this girl, growing up in one of those countries myself.

I bought this book from kindle bookstore after sampling the first chapter for free. I tend to sample the books before buying now if they are from authors I don’t know. It is Chen’s first novel released late last year. The book is not big and on an easy reading side but interesting with very smooth style of writing that is not very far from that of the more accomplished Amy Tan. I am definitely looking forward to her second book supposed to be released this year.

Note: The picture above is from Amazon.

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