Monday, July 14, 2014

Fiji Us Part 5: First Landing Village

Kata took us to Viseisei Village, the chiefly village and the first settlement of the first Melanesian group arriving on canoes at the nearby First Landing site thousands of years ago (some locals now believe that the actual First Landing is further away but there is no concrete evidence so far). The bure above received Prince of Wales once years ago.

You will have to pay FJD 5 per person for admission fee – which is fair enough as they have to maintain the buildings and the ground. If any lady visitor is wearing short shorts above the knees, sarong is available on loan at the entrance.

On the same ground of this village, there is also a Methodist Church (Jones Wesley) which is very well kept. The village ladies also sell their wares here and there. Every lady we met was very well spoken and any one of them could guide you through the village with good knowledge. We were told these ladies have formed into cooperative and saved enough money to build a small health centre nearby.

Viseisei is not very far from Garden of the Sleeping Giant so you can do both on the same day.

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