Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Mixed Spode Dinnerware

I love beautiful china. I have to confess that the banquet scene with beautiful, elegant china of  the 19th century in the film "The Age of Innocence" has inspired me to collect nice, old china dinnerware. In fact, I would love to collect Daniel Day-Lewis as well but there is only one of him and he has already been taken. 

I have collected Spode dinnerware pieces for about 20 years, piece by piece. My Spode pieces are not that old – it's very likely they were made in mid 20th century as most of them have Copeland Spode or Late Spode marks. I have enough pieces for 6 settings except for coffee and tea. They are not the same pattern but somehow they go together in harlequinesque fashion - if there is such a term.The pattern of the top side plate is the ever-so-popular Chinese Rose.

This is one of the first pieces I bought....

and also this meat platter....... it has seen several roast turkeys in its time with us.


The vegetable dish is quite new with old peacock pattern bearing new “Spode” mark.


This sauce boat has come all the way from England in an old plastic container – clever packaging. The pattern is called Old Bow.

Dinner plate, also from England. I don't know the pattern of this one.

Spode has been taken over by Portmeirion Group in 2009 and some old patterns are still in production. You can read more story about Spode here and Spode History Blog by Pam Woolliscroft here .

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