Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Wedgwood Dinnerware

This set of Wedgwood is part of our wedding presents. We were given different pieces by different guests.   Back then the idea of wedding gift registry was foreign to me – I could not imagine telling people what we expected - but one of my work colleagues took over the matter and acted as a gift registrar. She asked me what I liked and then told people what to buy. Thank you very much, Patty.

Later on my perception about gift registry has changed with time and I could see that it is a wonderful idea so the wedding couples will get what they need without having to re-gift what they have received or simply put the unwanted gifts in storage. Less wastage this way.

The pattern of my Wedgwood china is called ‘April Flower’ – all the pieces were made in the UK and we have enough for six people with a few spare pieces.  I try to use them as often as I can.

Wedgwood is now owned by the American- based company along with Royal Doulton and Waterford and all become known as WWRD. So it is good to know that beautiful things are still in production.

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