Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Cooking with Basil

The picture above is Thai Basil that I use quite a bit in my cooking – but today I will be talking about Basil of a non-food kind.

I have inherited the old iPad from Bob – he’s got the new iPad 3rd Gen so the original pad is handed down to me. I have found it very useful in the kitchen as it doesn’t occupy much more room than a small chopping board (have you seen that clip? If not, have a look at AllThingD here). I use my iPad for searching recipes (not as a chopping board of course!) and Bob has been kind to buy me this little app called Basil.


Basil helps me manage my recipes from the net – it even has a built-in bookmark for several food sites, some of which are my favourite. You can browse recipes and with your command it will save and organise the recipes for you in one place. A neat feature is that it will even set a timer (on iPad) for you with just a click at cooking time specified in the recipe. It’s fun and easy to use but you yourself have to cook, the app doesn't do it for you:)

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