Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Elephant Hill Winery – Hawke’s Bay

We watched MasterChef New Zealand featuring Hawke’s Bay a fortnight ago. The contestants had to cook off on the barbecue at the beautiful and picturesque Elephant Hill Winery.

The show reminded me of our trip to Napier 2 years ago (with Bonnie – it was her first long distant ride). We stayed with friend at her lovely home on Hospital Hill. Debbie took us to Elephant Hill Winery’s restaurant for lunch. Her family’s business was involved in this winery’s building construction a few years back. We browsed the menu and Bob was keen on their liver pate with salad but the dressing was walnut dressing (walnuts and Bob do not mix!) so we asked if he could have dressing without nuts. No problems, one of the girls told us and assured Bob that the Chef would do whatever he could to cater to his nut-free requirement.

When our food arrived - they also served our bread in separate baskets to make sure that there was no contamination in his. It was nice to see that they paid attention to details. Well done you!

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