Monday, November 12, 2012

Christmas Comes Early for Bonnie

Bonnie was due for her yearly check up and vaccination last month. Knowing this, Bob sourced squeaking toys for her from the Internet and the parcel just arrived in time to sooth the pain from the jab.
We have bought her a fair amount of squeaky toys since she was little. Many of them did not last. There are a few squeaky cats from Two Dollar Shops 2 years ago that are surprisingly still (just) alive although only one is still squeaky but all look a bit worse for wear. The shops do not stock them anymore and these guys have had their fair share of hospital time to be patched up and sewn back.


These new toys are from local company Star Paws. We have given her 2 toys to start with and hopefully these will last for a wee while. Um, this one needs to be mended already!

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