Friday, November 2, 2012

Yellow Roses at the Botanic Gardens

We took Bonnie to Auckland Botanic Gardens last week since the weather was so nice and warm. The gardens are dog friendly and you can even let the dogs off leash in some areas. When we were there, there were also a couple of school educational excursion groups. Bonnie loved it - so many interesting smells, so many human victims especially the young ones for her to lick. 

The roses were beginning to bloom and hopefully the gardens will be nice and perfumed for a few weeks. I love these yellow roses. They remind me of Texas (from the song “The Yellow Rose of Texas”) where I went to university long, long time ago. There are so many varieties of roses in the rose garden – many sizes and colours. There is also a trial rose garden – an experiment to see which varieties suit the garden environments best.

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