Friday, October 4, 2013

Bangkok Cats

I am partial to tabby cats I don’t know why. Gingas are OK but not my favourite – they look too much like their bigger cousins, lions and tigers.

In front of an unassuming restaurant in Bangkok lives this tabby cat. It’s not a ronin (masterless..see here) cat as  it’s got a collar and looks quite well fed and looked after. So it’s probably owned by the restaurant owner or one of the staff or even owned collectively by the staff.

In Thailand, if you live near swamps, your cats and small dogs could be in danger of being a snakes’ feed (I mean big snakes like pythons) – as experienced by my aunt and uncle who tried to wrestle their cat from the python but the poor thing did not survive. Thai cats are normally tiny – much smaller than cats in New Zealand so they are easy preys.

Here we are lucky that our cats and dogs do not have to dodge any snakes, big or small, and we do not have to call a snake wrangler like they do in Thailand.

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