Monday, October 28, 2013

From Breaking Bad to Ryan Gosling

We watched the finale of Breaking Bad not long ago – and oh, man what a TV series it is. It is super fantastic and applauses to actors and actresses especially Bryan Cranston who played Walter White in the series. I will not go into details about his performance – Sir Anthony Hopkins has said enough and never mind Oliver Stone and Britney Spears. Because of Bryan Cranston’s performance in Breaking Bad – we are exploring the films he was in, post BB. We have just picked “Drive” to start with….and not been disappointed.

Apart from blood and gut bits, it is beautiful. The expressions of affection between characters are very sweet – nothing much needs to be said (no sex scenes in this film – they are not really required). The story line is short and simple yet complex. Everything is fantastic from lighting, cinematography and Ryan Gosling – with those half smiles about the corner of his mouth.

It’s not that Bryan Cranston is extraordinary in this film, he’s good but the whole film is brilliant and  much more Gosling’s  than Cranston’s. If you have not yet seen this film – go get a rental DVD or buy it from Amazon – you can always cover your eyes during the violent parts like I did.

Note: The photo above is from Amazon.

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