Monday, January 6, 2014

Simple Pleasures – Magnolia Little Gem

This holiday season for us was very low key. I didn’t even put up the old Christmas tree although we exchanged gifts (could not forgo this part:). No pressure thinking up menu, queuing up to buy that last punnet of strawberries or being a kitchen slave. We didn’t stuff our faces senseless either – we just relaxed, laid back and enjoy simple pleasures around us.

We enjoy simple stuff that we can easily find without stretching too far just like a single stem of Magnolia flower from one of the trees in colourful vase – our magnolias are Little Gem. We have three of the plants to screen one side of the driveway. We chose them because they will not grow too fast or too big. They have enchanting flowers and glossy leaves with copper matt underside that are nice to look at when not in bloom. They have been producing flowers since young. Magnolia flowers smell sweet but gentle. When I put one in the vase, it lasts for a couple of days and I get a nice whiff every time I walk pass.

However complicated 2014 might be for some, be positive and enjoy many nice simple things around you. Happy New Year! 

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