Monday, January 13, 2014

Simple Pleasures – Simple Food

This summer is really warm and we have had it early. The warmth ripens the fruits and we enjoy plenty of strawberries and cherries. I tend to buy my cherries after Christmas though as they are cheaper and much sweeter.

We also have a lot of tomatoes as well, a variety to choose and pick to your liking. I like the acid free Romanos. They are brilliant on crosstini style bread but some people might like a bit sweeter and tangier cherry tomatoes and that is fine. I make my crostini from stale bread sticks – I buy mine from Baker’s Delight. As they are preservative free, they are good eaten fresh for only a couple of days (but best on the first day – so yummy, crispy outside and soft on the inside.) On the third day I slice them up – thick and thin. The thin ones are good for crostini. Have them buttered and baked in moderate oven for around 10 minutes (or less) and serve them with cheddar and tomato slices. A bit of cracked black pepper on top and voila – you have wonderful, simple light lunch. Add a few slices of ham, chorizo and other cured meat with a bit of olives and you will have a chacuterie dish. Simple yet sophisticated!

Note: Google Search function on has been broken for several weeks now but I have fixed the problem with Search Direct – this will enable my dear readers to search for the recipes again.

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