Monday, March 3, 2014

Kindle Upgrade

Bob gave me new Kindle Paperwhite as my belated Birthday pressie when I came back home from Bangkok.

This new kindle (in black) is smarter and easier to read than my old one (covered in red leather). It has a touch screen just like iPad. And although I also have Kindle app on my iPad – the battery on iPad does not last as long as on Kindle. It is also much lighter and smaller with thin frame on the sides (without a cover, you might find it a little bit tricky where to hold them in your hands as the screen will move if you touch it especially when you read in bed like I do!)

But he also gave me a smart cover in black leather so it is on and off when you open or close the cover just like iPad and I have something to hold on to while reading it. One downside of Kindles is that they are not compatible with Auckland eBook library platform – only Kindle Fire is. In this case iPads from 2nd generation upwards that run iOS 6 or higher will become very handy.

Saying that, I love this Kindle – small and light enough to put in my handbag and the paperwhite screen with built-in light enables me to read either in bright light or in the dark although I have not yet tried the latter. My old first gen Kindle, as much as I love it, will have to stay in the drawer as a spare.

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