Monday, March 10, 2014

Tea for Two

This wonderful setting is at Simunovich Olive Estate in Bombay - south of Auckland, that is. I used to go to this place quite often in the past – sometimes just for coffee and dessert at their Bracu restaurant. Once we had very lovely dinner for Bob’s birthday at their kitchen's table and then retreated to the Wine Library – very nice and memorable. Since then they have gone through many changes. Chef comes and goes over the past 10 years.

Last time I was there must be 2 years ago – the food was nice, the waiting staff was good but the maitre d’ put me off a bit so did not go back for a while.

Bob took this picture there two weeks ago in one late afternoon – it is so simple yet elegant and you can replicate this at home. You will need to find a white table cloth and a pot of flowers to tart up your garden table. White china will also do nicely.

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