Thursday, November 6, 2014

Moment of Truth - Salted Duck Eggs


Remember I was given some duck eggs early last month? Well, I have salted some of them and after 4 weeks it was time to test one of them.

Yes, I have done it! I boiled just one egg to start with and the result was OK. It was not perfect as the egg white was a bit too salty. Mel gave me another half a dozen duck eggs two days ago so I have made a new lot but this time the curing time will be shorter, I'd say 3 weeks should be enough

You'll need to cure the eggs in brine. I have been told chicken eggs are also OK but the texture of duck eggs are firmer and creamier. The brine is made out of 1:4 salt and water (one cup salt and four cup water will be enough for 10-12 eggs). Dissolve the salt in water and bring to the boil - leave to cool completely. Wash the eggs and pat dry before placing them in glass or plastic container then cover with brine. 

My brine is very heavy and I still have undissolved bits of salt but that's okay as I don't it to be too diluted. Some say 1:5 salt and water but I wanted to stick to the Thai recipe he..he.. Fill zip lock bag with water (I use double bags to make sure that the water will not leak out) and place it on top of the eggs to weigh them down. Cover the container and leave it in cool dry place for 3 weeks. Boil one egg at the end of 3 weeks and taste - if it's salty enough, lift all the eggs from brine. They will keep in the fridge for weeks. Boil or fry (warning:the pan will be spitting like mad) and have them with steamed rice or rice congee or chop and sprinkle over Som Tam. I told my friend to use chopped boiled salted eggs on pizza (not too much egg white) - better than anchovy!

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