Thursday, November 20, 2014

Tapas at Poco Loco

Barbara and I had the girls’ night out last Tuesday and we went to our Tapas restaurant, Poco Loco. We have known Poco Loco for ages and frequented the restaurant when it’s newly open many, many years back but haven’t been there recently since they were open from Wednesdays – Saturdays. Poco Loco is now also open on Tuesdays – that suits us better.

They offer 5 & 6 dish platters for two people. Depending on how hungry you are. We opted for 5 as we wanted to also enjoy the puds. That was a good choice – five dishes were enough for us. My favourites are Fried Calamari and Fried Beetroot with Chorizo. Very, very tasty.

For puddings I had Crème Brulee (or Crema Catalana) and Barbara had strawberry cheesecake which interestingly came as a deconstructed version. It’s delicious in a lazy way and you can also easily make it at home. Try this recipe  (but substitute Graham crackers with digestive biscuits without adding sugar) from The Italian Dish

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