Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The Pods

I like listening to music and I know that my favourite kind of music is very pleasant on a good audio system. Bob loves his music too – and also his audio system. He can spend hours playing with all the gears. However, with engineering background, he seems to know a lot about the sciences behind good sound. I used to be “his ear” as I could tell the differences in details better than he.

Since we have embarked upon our new venture late last years to manufacture and sell audio system enhancers, I am no longer the best ear in the house as you need hours and hours of practice – listening to the same old tracks over and over. That is what Bob does day in day out not only when he develops and tests the products.

I apologise for infrequent posting as we have been so very busy at work launching our new footers. These babies, the BlackPods, will attract the vibrations vertically and horizontally. They look a bit like cupcakes – but I cannot share the recipe with you my dear readers – it’s a trade secret!

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