Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Hobie's Diary: 28 Weeks and still Growing

We weighed Hobie last week and the reading was 3.2 kgs. so she will be quite a cuddly size when fully grown. We will have to watch her weight when she's fully grown. We don't want her to get too fat.

Hobie is not a brave cat but she extends her exploring bit by bit everyday. We can let her out through the back door and get her in the front door so it's good that she knows the lay of the land around her own home. She likes going out at night when the weather is good and sometimes Bob has to get her back in with the laser pointer.

She also does almost of her 'businesses' outside but we still keep her litter tray in the bathroom for when it's wet and cold outside. I add a little bit of lavender scented clay into the tray and mix it with her usual litter and it works well as long as I don't touch it with my bare hands. Hobie does not have any problem with it. One thing we are trying to teach her is getting in and out through the dog door/cat flap but she does not get it yet. I told Bob she's a bit dumb but the smitten cat's Dad said she was too young to process the learning. Bob keeps trying to teach her ....he might be successful one day and I don't have to be her doorman. One sure thing she learns well is how to be veryyy cute - she can get away with almost anything!

Update: Just to defy my post, Hobie has managed to go out through the cat flap several times - but it's only one way. She hasn't yet tried to come in through the flap on her own.

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