Tuesday, September 8, 2015

St Mark's

This post is not much about St Mark's apart from the fact that the eye hospital we went to a fortnight ago is on St Mark's Road just opposite this beautiful Anglican church.

Bob had a cataract surgery last month - we had to get up early and traveled to Auckland Eye Hospital. The pre-op prep took two hours (including waiting time) but the surgery itself took only 15 minutes. The operation was scheduled sooner than we thought because the specialist would be overseas in September and because cataract in younger people could progress quite quickly so it should be dealt with sooner rather than later. The modern cataract surgery seems to be very easy - the patients do not need to stay overnight. After local anesthetic is given, the old cloudy lens will be broken down by ultrasound through a tiny incision at the border of the cornea and suctioned out. The new lens (synthetic, of course) will be then inserted and implanted. Then, voila - it's done.

While the anesthetist was working on Bob, I went out for coffee and cake at the coffee shop on Remuera Road (they don't have a Cafe at the hospital, only the self service espresso machine - and the coffee was good). A sweet receptionist told me to walk through St. Mark's Church to Remuera Road as it's shorter and more pleasant. She was absolutely right - the Church ground is nicely kept and welcoming. By the time I came back to the waiting room, I learnt that Bob had already come to a while ago and the nurse tried to fetch me twice. Who would think that the operation would be that quick - it took me longer to get my mocha and Friands from the not-so-busy Cafe Brioche and consume them in a lady-like manner!

Bob could even drive the next day after the surgeon had cleared him of any present complications so he asked if he could drive back home. He said he was a better driver than a passenger and I absolutely agreed.

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