Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Hobie Diary : Diva on her Divan

Time flies - Hobie is now 8 months and has transformed from a cutie kitten into a cutie little queen. She is 3.5 kgs and does not grow as much or as fast as the first few months. She also masters the cat flap and her proud Daddy cannot stop smiling.

She is also obsessed with moths and this summer she is going to have fun. I have seen her hook a blow fly from the air with her claws and played with it until it stopped moving and then ate it. Bonnie is also good at getting these flies if they fly low enough - and she is more clean with the killing.

Hobie is also getting to that tweeny age and sometimes she does not come to bed until late (or early hours in the morning) - just stays outside and parties with moths. Somebody is kind enough to switch on the in-deck lights for her almost every night.

Comes daytime this little darling needs to have a nap and her favourite spot for her beauty sleep is on the sheepskin that we put on top of the blanket box at the end of the bed. The Diva, indeed.

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