Friday, December 30, 2011

Wynyard Quarter’s North Wharf

We went to North Wharf in Wynyard Quarter on Tuesday night for dinner with friends. This bit of Auckland’s waterfront has just been developed before the Rugby World Cup in September 2011. North Wharf has roughly about 10 eating and entertainment joints from sushi, pizzas, tapas, seafood to cafe and pub.

Wynyard Quarter is very pleasant and in my opinion is nicer and more public friendly than the Viaduct Harbour as it is more open with room to stroll around both by the water and in the mini-water park close by. You will not be too up-close and personal with the restaurant patrons if you just want to walk around and enjoy the view. It is a good sign that Auckland has tried to improve its waterfront for public use.

Things are quite pricey here but that is what you expect from the prime location. I’m sure the restaurateurs also have to pay premium rent around here too.

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