Monday, August 13, 2012

Doing Dental

Our Pipi had to check in at the vet’s for her dental last Wednesday. They had to extract one of her canines  and two other lower teeth (I am sure she would be deeply disturbed and possibly disgusted if she knew that they called her big beautiful feline teeth 'canine teeth'!) This upper canine had been dead ages ago before she came to live with us and they just got it out in time before the serious problems would develop.

The poor darling was not happy the first night but she ate a bit and had received much attention and affection that she might not need (Leave me alone – humans. I’m having a sore mouth and not in the mood!) She stayed outside quite a lot but came in late at night to sit on Daddy’s lap while he was watching the Olympics. She was prescribed an anti-inflammatory medication to help her cope with the aching in her mouth but she did not like the smell and she didn’t look like she’s in pain.

She was much better the day after and almost the same pesky self. She ate a lot more and basked in the sun with Nurse Bonnie. To keep her teeth and gum healthy, our vet suggests chicken necks and lamb shanks (she has had chicken necks from time to time but we have never tried lamb shanks). I hope that she will feel much happier this week – her quality of life will be much better for sure while our wallets is not quite as it still feels much ouchie from the vet’s bill.

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