Friday, August 10, 2012

Tongariro’s Eruption

It might be on the news all over the world now that Mt Tongariro has erupted again on Monday after 115 years. The eruption has seen the ash sent down to the west. Hawkes Bay seems to cop it quite a bit. The picture above is from NASA’s Earth Observatory and you can see the ash plume heading toward Napier.

This eruption seems quite small compare to Mt Ruapehu’s eruptions in 1995 - 1996. We lived down in Wellington back then and were about to move to Auckland so we drove up and down several times to look for the house that could accommodate our Thai dogs and once were forced to take a detour (longer and more winding) route back to Wellington because of the volcanic ash.

We are also now living very close to a large volcanic crater but it is very, very old that all the lava was long gone southward so it is very unlikely we will have any eruption any day soon. 

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