Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Coddled Egg in Bread Roll

Remember my Oeuf en Cocotte post a while ago? This is a similar idea but instead of baking the eggs in the ramekins, we use rolls. It is all in one breakfast as you can eat the roll along with the egg. If you need to feed a lot of people breakfast – this one is a winner. You can also use ham instead of chorizo – or even crispy fried bacon pieces. If you use bacon pieces, fry them until crisp first and then place them on top of the egg before eating. Using chorizo or ham is much easier in my opinion – also less things to clean up afterwards.

You will need one day old good firm bread rolls – I use whole meal rolls from the local baker up the road. They are much nicer than the long-life supermarket ones. Use a sharp pointy knife to cut away a hole in the middle of the roll to make a bowl big enough to accommodate chorizo and cheese and egg – don’t get carried away though, make sure that the bottom of the roll is intact. Press the bottom with your finger to make it a firm base and then press the side to make room for the egg & co.

You might need 5 or 6 minutes longer in the oven for the egg to cook – just check after 10 minutes.

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