Friday, June 7, 2013



This is Kobe. He’s Barbara’s youngest grandchild (he's Vann's and Poppy's first cousin). I had dinner with Barb and Anita the other night when Barb had ‘full house’ of grandkids. So it was quite chaotic as the kids were quite boisterous and tried to get my attention all at once.

When I took this photograph, Kobe tried to get me while Vann tried to have me ‘come and get’ him. It was very difficult and out of many, many shots, this is the only good one. Thank goodness, we don’t do photography with film any more otherwise it would have taken 3 rolls at least for me. Poppy is on the right in the photo wearing her pink robe - she's about to photo bomb this one.

Kobe just had his fruit salad so please excuse a smudge and a few dots on the chin!

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