Monday, June 24, 2013

Vann’s Birthday Cake or Is it a Dalek?

It was Vann’s 4th Birthday last Thursday (he’s my neighbour’s grandson). He asked me ages ago to make him a Birthday cake for his Birthday Party which was organised at the local Macca’s on Sunday.

So I had to fulfil my promise to this little guy – and you know that I am not one of those hottest home bakers. I just made basic butter cake – as the icing was quite rich although Vann was keen on chocolate cake and chocolate icing. The grownup version would use dark chocolate for the glaze but I had to tone it down and used milk chocolate instead. I used white chocolate buttons to decorate. It was not beautiful but hopefully would be exciting enough for the kids although they might be a little bit too young to associate the cake with Dr Who’s Dalek.  

Update: Have heard feedback from Barbara that this was popular with the kids and they gobbled it up - no leftover for the Birthday boy to take home. Quite happy that they liked my cake!

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