Monday, September 2, 2013

Ayudhya Here I Come – Part 3: Wat Chai Wattanaram

This temple is magnificent. If you are in Ayudhya, visit to this temple is a ‘must’ – spare at least an hour here. Admission is nominal about NZD4. The area was flooded back in 2011 but the Department of Fine Arts has worked hard to conserve and maintain it – but as with most historical structures, it will be an on-going work.


The temple of Chai Wattaram is on the western bank of Chao Praya River. It is one of the most impressive temples in Ayudhya built in King Prasat Thong’s reign in early 17th century in commemoration of his mother. However, Prince Damrong, one of Thailand’s most influential historians in the last century, also noted that it might be built to replicate some of the structural design of Ankor Wat in cerebration of the conquest of Longvek (Cambodia’s old capital).Wat Chai Wattaram is believed to be used as venue for royal religious ceremonies and funeral rites in its time. When the Burmese army invaded Ayudhya in 1767, the temple was sack and destroyed along with the others. The restoration of the temple commenced in 1987 and the site has been open to public in 1992.

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