Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Ayudhya Food – Fish Cakes @ Pae Krung Kao: The real McCoy

When we were in Ayudhya, we had lunch Pae Krung Kao, an old Thai restaurant by Pasak River, south eastern side of town. Pasak is one of the main rivers surrounding the Ayudhya Island. The restaurant is quite famous in Ayudhya and can be crowded with tourists on weekends and bank holidays. The food was good  – my favourite was this dish of fish cakes and cucumber relish. They were real McCoy. However, I have posted my own easy version here – if you are interested, that is. Not as good as theirs of course but you do not have to travel to Ayudhya – so I save you some money here!

We had a river view from our table. We saw tug boat with a long train of sand barges and directly across the river, there is this big white hotel. Have to say that I much prefer the look of Iudia.

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