Monday, September 9, 2013

Made with Love


I bought my first jewellery making kit almost 10 years ago – just to repair my old necklaces and that was the initial intention. However, I also bought some craft books and magazine and leaned from them how to make small jewellery pieces like ear rings and bracelets for friends. I have got into making these things– on and off, that is. Sometimes it is soothing and theraputic and a lot of time it is pretty fiddly and frustrating.

Early last month, I forgot one of my friends’ birthday until I checked with my list and it was only a day to go. I just came back from Bangkok and had been busy with catching up with paper work so didn’t have time to do other things much. The night before Dee’s birthday, I sat down with my collection of beads and my tool kit stringing the beads together into a bracelet.

This has got my creative juices flowing again – I am stocking up for special occasions for friends. Should it be their birthdays or Christmas, I will have little something for them. When I started way back when, the Internet resources were not as good and readily available like they are today - so I am also able to learn new designs and technique from YouTube, Pinterest and etc. With every piece that I made I would imagine what colour and what style would suit them so I put my thought into every bead that I put on to the wire.
They might not be swish or flash but they are made with love.

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