Monday, May 5, 2014

Kafka on the Shore

Bob introduced me to Haruki Murakumi’s " Kafka on the Shore" last month. And man, what a journey it has been! The ending might not answer everything (it didn’t for me) but the author himself said that you need to read the book a few times over to get the answers you are looking for (and that, you may or may not find them:)

People said Kafka should not be the first Murakami’s book you embark upon but never mind that…I have read Kafka and enjoyed it. The reality and the other world blend so well I am not quite sure if everything in the real world is real in the book. Bob told me that it’s all about the journey and not the destination – I incline to agree. I got to know about Nakata, a simple guy who can talk to cats and set the bones right, a run away from home teenager who knows so many things beyond his age and calls himself Kafka, Oshima -a cross dressing homosexual, Ms. Saeki, a well-heeled, well dressed and well mannerd librarian with a very sad past and Hoshino, a truck driver who has become classical music enthusiast along his journey with Nakata. My journey with Kafka and Nakata has been pleasant – and I try not to think too hard about the destination.

I have to give credit to Philip Gabriel, who seamlessly translated this novel into English. To me it feels like Murakami’s own writing – only in English not Japanese. 

Kafka on the Shore is supposed to be Kafka-esque (not that I have ever read any Franz Kafka’s, so to speak) and it is not for everyone. Some will like it and some will not – it’s a matter of taste. If you have Kindle, you can even read a few pages for free from Kindle Store.

Note: Cat drawing by mega-tribble

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