Friday, May 23, 2014

Rudi: The Community Cat

Rudi lives in a nice home close to the local park. He has a habit of throwing himself in front of the passers by - the friendly ones that is. For some reasons (ahem..) he likes Bob and Bonnie pretty much and will wait to greet them at the usual place at the park, day or night. People often ask Bob if Rudi his cat. Bob says Rudi is people's cat - especially people who carry cat treats on their persons.

Rudi is nice and soft and very friendly with a nice thick tail that he can swat a fly to death with. He has a fast friend in the form of Jack Russell next door, called Harper. Bonnie likes Harper but she ignores Rudi. Bonnie is OK with our own cats but not others. It might be that she was swiped in the eye by the neighbour's cat when she's little and that has made her very aware of the fact that cats carry knives on their fingers.

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