Monday, August 11, 2014


I am Murakami’s  fan but this is the only second novel of his that I have read. I have to read something easy and relaxing in between his, to tell you the truth, otherwise my head would hurt too much.

Saying that, 1Q84 is a trilogy – there are 3 books altogether and it took me more than a month to finish them. I only read at my leisure and I am definitely not a speed reader. There were so many places in 1Q84 that I had to flick the pages (on Kindle) back to re-read in order to understand or seem to understand those bits better!

If you were old enough in the 80’s you would be able to connect with this novel – no cell phones, no laptops or tablets – but we somehow have survived! The story is surreal (without much explanation – very Murakami-esque) but in some way quite cute and romantic (and of course, gruesome in some places) at a slow pace until the second book. It is about a long journey of two main characters, Aomame and Tengo – in the twisted world of 1984. While reading this novel, trust me, you wll not be able to help it but looking at the sky for the second moon.

I have heard of and experienced for myself (in Kafka on The Shore) with Murakami’s endings or lack of endings so to speak. To my surprise and (some) satisfaction – at least this one has its conclusion.

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